My Plans For Year 2017

Having a new year means having a new life. Many things, events and occurences are bound to change us, after all, we cannot predict what will happen to us. However, having a plan for 2017 is kind of helpful as it creates a path and a direction for the person who you want to be in future. Okay, so here’s my plan for myself this year:

  1. Being more productive

– I will try not to laze around at home, doing nothing. I would like to spend my time doing chores or if not, doing something that has a benefit for me or to the people around me. An example would be learning a new language or studying how to drive a car.

2.  Being more optimistic

– I am the type of person who worries a lot and thinking mostly about the negative effects of something. I noticed that I have always feared the bad side of a thing or a situation and never really focused on its good side. So with that being said, I want to give more relevance on the bright side.

3. Being less moody

– I am quite moody especially when I didn’t get enough sleep. When talking with other people, I tend to be professional and stiff but, I tend to vent out my frustrations on my family members so, I guess I should fix that. I should be able to control my own mood by 2017.

4. Getting enough sleep

– My ophthalmologist has always been getting angry at me because my eye grade keeps on getting higher. She always told me to go to bed early and yet, I always stayed up late. My mother as well has been getting angry since, lack of sleep damages the liver and may cause death but, I always ignored her. I am starting to see the bad effects so, I guess I should also fix my sleeping habit.

5. Being more aware about the blessings I’ve been receiving

– Recently, I have noticed that I’ve been too busy to appreciate everything around me. I should be thankful for the life, the food, and the health I currently have but, all of it seemed normal to me. I should also be thankful that I still have a family to rely on and also friends to be with. I have just noticed that I lack appreciation to everything around me and that’s not really good. But, I’m willing to change it anyways.

6. Being more interactive with my old friends

– Since I have too busy with school, I often forget about my old friends whom I spent my entire childhood with. I plan to give them more attention and get in touch with them again as I still value them as my great friends.

7. Trying to find something I really love

– Due to stress in school, homeworks, projects, and many more, I find it really hard to be myself. I am starting to lose passion in things that I do  so, for this year, I want to find something that I would enjoy, love, and live for again.

8. Making better decisions

– I don’t like making mistakes and it pains me to see myself regretting over something. This year, I want to make better decisions that will be a huge benefit to me and the people around me. That way, I can avoid making mistakes and I can enjoy life even more.

9. Being honest with feelings

– I’m the type of person who’s really secretive with feelings. I may appear like I don’t really care but, I actually do care about that person. I want to be able to express my honest feelings so, I won’t create any misunderstandings and ruin a relationship. Furthermore, it’s painful to keep everything to myself so, I guess I want to be honest with my feelings.

10. Being courageous

– I am a brave person in a narrow sense because I can watch scary movies and I can take dangers really well. However, if you will take a deeper look, I am quite afraid to take risks knowing that there will be drawbacks regarding the situation. As I have said, I have always given focus on the bad side or the bad things that may happen and I don’t want to involve anyone or anything besides me. This is the reason why I’ve been afraid to take risks. But, I guess that taking risks is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it may lead to something better which is why, I’m willing to try and become brave.

11. Going back to becoming an athlete

– I want to go back to the time I did muay thai, swimming, and playing badminton. It relieved so much stress and has made my body stronger. It improved my health and I absolutely want to continue improving my body.

12. Finding the right time for everything

– I wish I could do everything in the right time. I want to discipline myself regarding playing and doing important tasks. I just can’t seem to balance playing and doing what I should really be doing. Now in 2017, I plan to work hard to find the right time for everything.

13. Learning new things

– I want to discover more things about our world and I wish to explore. It allows me to have a deeper bond and also a better relationship with the world. Another thing is, I might be able to help the people around me and I might be able to be a better person.

14. Studying

– I plan on going to a review center and study for the entrance exams especially when my goal is one of the top universities in our country. I really need to work hard in order to chase after my dream career.

I guess, that will be all my plans for this year. I really do hope that I will be able to achieve my plans this year and I hope the same goes for everyone as well. Happy 2017! 🙂



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