Technology During My Time

Technology nowadays has become a craze to be honest. Many new gadgets are being made, as new cool features and options are added and also improved. Now in the 21st century, the world continues to develop and the probability of a technological-based society, is definitely high. I cannot help but compare the current technology with the technology I used when I was still a child.

When I was a child, I remember playing with the buttons of the cassette player.

 It was rather amusing though but now, we have CD players and the cassette tapes were now gone.

Oh, I also remember when we had personal computers too. We had a super old model of Macintosh II, which was probably used by my parents even before I was born. 

But it was later on replaced by a Dell desktop computer which was named Dimension 8300.

I saw our old TV in one of our photos when I was still a child. It was a colored one but, it was a small and compared to our new LED TVs, it’s definitely an old-tech. There was no remote to change the channel and the signal’s really weak! It only had three channels and there’s not much variety to it. That TV was probably used by my mom and my grandma when they still lived in their old house.

During my childhood days, we also had a laptop. It was a lenovo C200. It was heavy and somehow, it was slow so, I didn’t really like using it that much.

Well, laptops had definitely upgraded into a whole new level after a few years. I received an Asus K53SM-SX010D when I was 12 and it was definitely so much better. It was faster, the graphics are clearer, and the system was great.

If we have Ps3, Ps4, and Xbox 360, during my childhood days, we had a nintendo playstation.

Just from playing mario kart and super mario really made me and my siblings’ day.

But, the main and the most interesting gadget I had when I was a around 8 years old was my PSP.

I could never leave it or put it down. I loved playing Harvest Moon during that time.

But before I received my PSP, I already had a cellphone. It was a foldable Panasonic cellphone.

This cellphone is where I learned how to text and make calls. However! It had no games at all. It was definitely boring to use it especially when you don’t have a text mate.

I also had an Mp3 during that time and I would always carry it around in my pocket. The song choices were really few cause’ I don’t really know how to download songs.

But later on, my dad won an iPod nano 4th generation and gave it to me as a present. It was really cool because it had games and a camera on it as well. Also, it can change songs by just simply lighly moving your finger on the circle part of the iPod. 

But later on, I gained my first touch screen cellphone which was a Samsung Galaxy Y. It was so cool as I can download songs, take many pictures, use different applications, and play different games.

So, those are some of my old technology and there was a big difference between the old ones and the new ones. It can be a sign that our country is developing and will definitely continue to develop very soon. Eitherway, people did such a good job in developing technology since 2000 or way before the 20th century because they have definitely proven mankind’s intelligence and capabilities. However, I do hope that people, especially the next generations will not rely on technology too much because it will definitely bring bad effects. Better keep everything in a moderate pace! šŸ˜


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